TR7 Land Speed Racer has New Engine and Lower Stance

Posted by admin March - 28 - 2010 - Sunday

After a solid weekend of race car development, the Flashback Racing TR7 Land Spend Racer has emerged with a lower profile and a more powerful engine.


My teammate and co-driver Tony Chiles was certain that to move forward, our land speed TR7 needed a lower stance to minimize the dirty air under the car. To achieve this we modified the rear suspension to accept adjustable coil over shocks allowing us to eliminate the stock coil springs and giving us the ability to adjust the ride height on the rear of the car. We then turned our attention to the front suspension and trimmed another coil out of the front springs. As the TR7 body settled over the suspension, it became clear that we needed to trim away inner fender well supports and remove the rolled fender lip at the top of the front fenders. The next item that needed attention was the side exit exhaust, Tony reworked the exhaust pipe to fit tighter to the undercarriage and exit under the car. Our TR7 is now slammed on the ground. I will still need to trim 1.5 inches off the front air dam to allow for the changes in the ride height.


Here it is… our forth version of the full race TR7 engine. (note the missing paint on the engine lift bracket… we pulled the engine 3 times to get it right) This weekend we successfully tuned the stumble out of the 40 DCOE webers and the car seems to have plenty of power. The engine boasts 12 to 1 compression. full race 7800 rpm cam, extensive valve trane upgrades, and crank trigger ignition. Satisfied with the engine tune, we backed the car to the end of Tony’s driveway where I promptly hit the throttle in first gear, the car raised the nose and instantly broke the tires loose for 20+ feet until I backed out the gas. WOW… I can’t wait to see what this car will do at MAXTON.

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