Reassembly Continues on Vintage Ford Big Car

Posted by admin December - 26 - 2011 - Monday

Reassembly continues on our 1938 Depression Era Big Car. The aluminum belly pan was nicked and scratched from dirt clod and stone strikes during exhibition racing events. The belly ban was refinished and given a fresh coat of silver paint.

The freshly painted belly pan and cowl assembly were installed today. The cowl and tail assembly were then clay barred, cleaned and waxed to remove any traces of shop dirt and grit which may have accumulated on the painted surfaces during the time the cart was disassembled. This vintage race car is coming together nicely and the craftsmanship of the car’s builder is very apparent.

This photo detailing the decals on the cowl indicate that this car was affiliated with the Antique Auto Racing Association and the Midwest Old Timers Vintage Race Car Club. The car has appeared in events sanctioned by both associations.

This car is equipped with period correct outside rear brake lever and manual fuel pressure air pump. Because of the on board battery and starter this race car is equipped with a kill switch on the driver side frame rail. Due to the fact that these race cars relied on air pressure to force the fuel forward to the carburetor the fuel cap is a sealed vent-less unit.

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